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Cheder at the Ohel, מיוסד על טהרת הקודש, is renowned for its unique balance of academic excellence, special programming and events, and warm chassidishe environment. Our small class size and individualized attention allows for each child to reach his highest potential. 

Our Mission
Cheder at the Ohel infuses children with the warmth and spirit of Chabad Lubavitch values. We accomplish this through high-quality curriculum taught by dedicated teachers, hands on activities and extracurricular programming in an atmosphere of true Ahavas Yisrael and Chassidishkeit. 

Our aim is to nurture true Chassidim of the Rebbe, to inspire and empower students to reach personal excellence, and to be responsible members of their community. Within a warm nurturing environment we cultivate within students a love for learning, guide them in developing academic and social skills, and foster responsibility and confidence in each individual child.

Cheder at the Ohel was founded in 5756 (1996) by R' Menachem Mendel Shemtov A"H.
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