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The Cheder has really been so transformative for our son. We can’t believe what this Yeshiva has done for our son. He has blossomed incredibly bh! The environment created by the Hanhola and staff is  very chassidish and sincere. Our son literally jumps out of bed to go to school everyday!! 

Our son davens with so much chayus now and shares beautiful Divrei Torah at our Shabbos table now. He is generally so much happier as a kid at home due to the care and support he has received from the Cheder. We will forever be grateful to your entire team for the work you have put into our son! May your yeshiva only continue to grow and help as many kids they way that they have helped ours!”

-Mrs. DL Kramer, East Flatbush, NY

We're BH so grateful to our Cheder. When we initially sent our boys, we thought it would be just a starter school for a few years, and then we would send them to another school. But not anymore. We're here to stay. Our boys are so happy in school BH. Rabbi Berkowitz goes above and beyond. The school is well run. It's organized & efficient and when you walk into the building everything is running smoothly.

The smaller classes have been great. Our boys are well taken care of, and noticed, by both their teachers and principals.

Mrs. Chana Herz, Lawrence, NY

Strong Chasidishe values are the base of this beautiful yeshiva with focus on Torah learning, davening and farbrengens.

The Menahel and Rebbis emphasize התקשרות לרבי, אהבת ישראל ושמחה and highlight each Talmid’s strengths helping raise the young Bachurim of Cheder into true lamp lighters.

-Mrs. Sharon Meishar, Great Neck, NY

Cheder at the Ohel has been an amazing experience for my boys. The classes are small to maximize the potential of the students. The staff are incredible. We are very happy with the Yeshiva.

- Rabbi Sholom Ber Cohen, StoneyBrook, NY

We, as parents, are thrilled with Cheder at the Ohel and the overall Chinuch our children receive in all aspects. The Cheder is truly attentive to the needs of all its Talmidim, taking note of and caring for each child as an individual. Our children are learning at very high levels, BH, while also being cared for in all other areas. The warmth and Chassidishkeit that the Cheder is founded upon are felt throughout the day. When you walk into Cheder at the Ohel, you are greeted by the warmth of the Rebbeim and the other Talmidim, enveloping you with the overwhelming feeling of "Chassidim Ein Mishpacha."

- Rabbi & Mrs. Tenenboim, Hewlett, NY

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